Since 1997 Natasha has been studying yoga, Indian classical dance and Indian classical vocal as methods to cultivate the self.

In her spare time she studies Tantra, mainly non dualistic Kashmiri Shaivism and the Shri Vidya, with a focal point on srsti /  samhara through sound. 

She is currently re working a translation of a Tantric text attributed to Shri Gorakhnath, the first edition is available as a free PDF download, click here to go to page. 

She has been travelling to Varanasi, India for the last 20 years to deepen her studies and to host cultural tours with an emphasis on an inside look at the musical and religious lives of the local people.

She currently lives in London where she teaches Yoga and sound through song.

Her main teachers are Pts. Rajan and Sajan Misra and Prof. Ritwik Sanyal.

All enquiries: natasha@gandharvayoga.com